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Residential Leasing Business

Gotenyama Trust Court
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Service / Facility

When we asked current residents of Gotenyama Trust Court what they found most appealing about the complex, peace of mind was the most common first response. This sense of security stems from the building’s earthquake-proof construction as well as its round-the-clock amenities, services, and monitoring operations. Our residents’ peace of mind reflects their trust in our company, which spares no effort in ensuring the safety and security of its approximately 60 office and residential buildings.
Comfort was also cited as a major advantage. This is a natural result of a range of available amenities: bilingual front desk services, housekeeping services, etc.. With its extensive experience in hotel operations, Mori Trust Group is the only developer offering genuine hotel-style luxury.

Service / Facility


■ Bilingual front desk services (8:00 - 19:00)

■ Holding and sending mail and courier parcels

■ Arranging taxis and limousines

■ Laundry service (charge)

■ Housekeeping service (charge)

■ Information


24-hour on-site building management, Security intercom with monitor, Washing machine, Drying machine, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave oven, Gas oven/Electric oven(type V/W), Gas cooking stove, Heating&air-conditioning, Terrestrial digital broadcasting/BS/CS(charge), Intrnet(fiber-optic/free of charge), Garbage room on each floor

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