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Office Outline

To have an office in Marunouchi:Classier and more sophisticated than ever.

  • Site Plan
  • Overall Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Specification

Parking Lobby

Entrance Hall

Once you step into the Office Lobby,
you will find classy and comfortable space in there.

Site Plan

Exclusive access both to the office and hotel for your security needs.

Running from north to south, this refined building offers separate elevator banks to meet all your security needs; three banks for office, the other one for hotel.

We provide high-level security for you to prevent hotel-guests entering to the office.

Elevator Hall [1F]




Overall Plan

3 elevator banks: approx. 16,500 m2 per 1 bank Total floor space available for lease:More than 50,500 m2


Floor Plan

Approx. 2,065 m2 (Approx. 625 tsubo) of floor space, with sophisticated and highly-functional floor-plates provided: Wide windows with views overlook the area around Tokyo Station.

Basic Module is 3,600mm × 3,600mm

Large effectively-structured floor spaces are designed to allow flexible customization.

At your request, we can provide inside staircases to link adjacent floors.



ELV hall on the standard floor

ELV hall on the standard floor

Office interior on the standard floor

Office interior on the standard floor



Large office space with standard configuration that measure Ceiling height: 2,950 mm, Raised floor thickness: 150 mm

  • Floor height: 4,350mm
  • Floor load 500 kg/m2 (Heavy duty zone, 1,000 kg/m2) * Total office space 1,000 kg/m2 on 3F
  • 600mm × 600mm Grid modular ceiling
  • Effective ceiling height: 2,950mm * 3,000mm on 26F
  • Raised floor 150mm * 300mm on 3F
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Most-advanced facilities installed for comfortable work environment

Electric Service

OA Power supply capacity: 70VA/m2

Tenant EPS (2 per floor) and spaces for tenant EPS (5 per floor) are prepared for expansion. (Optional)

Emergency power backup systems are provided. (Optional)

Air Conditioning

Interior zone :
Temperature control zoning: 40 zones available per floor, approx. 50m2 per zone
Cooling/heating control zoning: 7 zones available per floor

Perimeter zone : 49 air-controlled heat pumps available per floor

Spaces for additional outdoor unit (2 per floor) and spaces for cooling tower are provided. (Optional)

Security system

Proximity IC card system provided, which offers multi-security features that secure your safety:

Security gate for the office lobby, 1st floor ELV hall, Elevator car, Tenant room door

Optional: Security door for ELV hall on the standard floor

Anti-Earthquake system

Various features of anti-earthquake system installed to secure high earthquake resistance