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Message From The President

MORI TRUST CO., LTD.President & CEO Miwako Date

Upholding the core philosophy of our founders

For close to 70 years the Mori Trust Group has been pursuing a wide range of real estate developments that includes major mixed-use projects in the heart of Japan's largest cities as well as resort hotels and associated developments in leading tourism locations.

The Mori Trust Group has its origins in the Mori Building Group, a city real estate developer founded by economist and industrialist Taikichiro Mori, responsible for opening the first ever corporate membership resort facility in Japan. Taikichiro's third son Akira took over the Mori Trust and transformed the organization into the present-day Mori Trust Group. Under the Advance2027 mid to long term vision, the Mori Trust Group is pursuing a range of initiatives through strategies and techniques tailored to the needs and wants of the modern market, in line with our commitment to fostering the orderly growth and development of society as a whole.

Responding to ever-changing social needs

DESTINATION OFFICE offers a new vision of office spaces in the modern era, at a time when the role of the office is being radically redefined. The key focus is on attracting talented workers, promoting effective communication and maximizing worker engagement. This vision is enshrined in Tokyo World Gate Akasaka, a major mixed-use development due to open in 2024, which will provide a seamless combination of business, tourism and cultural facilities bringing together a diverse range of people in a stunning new destination precinct.

On the hotels and resorts side, meanwhile, the Mori Trust Group is working closely with global standard foreign hotel chains to create a luxury destination network encompassing major cities and resort areas throughout Japan. We are working to promote the many unique attractions that Japan has to offer, with exciting new hotel developments such as The Tokyo Edition, Ginza and Shisui, Luxury Collection Hotel, Nara. With the tourism sector finally emerging from the prolonged downturn associated with the pandemic, we can expect to see a steady increase in overseas visitors from now on. To this end, the Mori Trust Group is keen to help revitalize the nation in the post-Coronavirus era through DX (digital transformation) in tourism, which will stimulate regional economic growth and drive the sector as a whole.

To the future beyond

In today's rapidly-changing world, the Mori Trust Group engages closely with startups that offer exciting new services as part of our commitment to ongoing innovation. Given the increasing focus on wellness services at all levels of business and tourism facilities, we are working to expand our wellness offerings to provide rich and fulfilling lifestyle experiences for all clients in both the business and leisure spaces, using our established resources and networks to develop new forms of value-add that span multiple categories and transcend traditional models.

Against a background of rapid growth coupled with increasing concern about sustainability issues at the global level, the Mori Trust Group Sustainability Vision sets out our overarching vision of a paradigm shift "from urban planning to future planning. " By combining the experience and expertise of the Mori Group with modern innovative thinking, we can help to create a brighter future, one in which socio-economic growth does not come at the expense of our precious environment.

In line with our corporate slogan "Create the Future", we are working to build an exciting future world predicated on flexible ideas and approaches in the ever-changing world of the "new normal" that awaits us.

 Miwako Date