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Message From The President

MORI TRUST CO., LTD.President & CEO Miwako Date

Upholding the core philosophy of our founders

For close to 70 years the Mori Trust Group has been engaged in a wide range of real estate developments in Japan, including major mixed-use projects in the heart of the nation's largest cities as well as hotels and resort operations in leading tourism locations.

The Mori Trust Group has its origins in the Mori Building Group, a city real estate developer founded by my grandfather, the economist and industrialist Taikichiro Mori. He passed on the business to his third son Akira, my father, founder of Japan's first resort with a corporate membership system, who transformed the organization into the Mori Trust Group that we know today. In 2016, I took over as president, and we have managed to successfully implement our medium- to long-term vision “Advance 2027”, which was formulated with an eye on the next 10 years, ahead of schedule. And, in 2023, we formulated a new medium- to long – term vision “Advance 2030 ”, with the mission of contributing to the sound and sustainable development of society as a whole – hence, we are developing each business segment with strategies and tactics that capture the needs and wants of the times.

Responding to ever-changing social needs

In the real estate business, we are currently developing a large-scale mixed-use development called Tokyo World Gate Akasaka, and we are promoting the project to create a “destination city” as a base for business, tourism, and cultural dissemination for diverse people. Overseas, we are also expanding our portfolio by participating in a renovation project at 245 Park Avenue, located in the Midtown area, the economic and cultural center of Manhattan, New York.

In the hotel and resort business, we have set forth the concept of a “Luxury Destination Network” to attract and develop global standard foreign-affiliated hotels in urban areas and resort areas throughout Japan in order to widely showcase the world-class appeal of Japan. Based on this concept, we are preparing for the reopening of the Mampei Hotel and the opening of the Hotel Indigo Nagasaki Glover Street. Taking advantage of the growing demand for travel in Japan and overseas, we will contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and the tourism industry by providing unique spaces that increasingly reflect the charms of each region of Japan.

To the future beyond

With the recent rapid development of society, interest in sustainability is growing worldwide, and we have formulated a vision to promote sustainability. Under the slogan of “From Urban Development to Future Development”, we will combine our experience accumulated over the long history of the Group with our desire to create a new era, aiming to shape a future in which consideration for the environment and economic and social development are compatible.

Under our corporate slogan “Create the Future”, we will promote each facet of our business with flexible ideas and approaches in order to help strengthen the international capabilities of Japan, even in times of uncertainty.

Miwako Date