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Sustainability Vision

Based on our corporate slogan, “Create the Future,” we are aiming to solve societal issues for the coexistence of the economy, environment and society by promoting businesses which has us looking beyond the scope of our existing businesses, and which have us looking toward the future with flexible ideas and approaches that are adapted to a new era.

Corporate Slogan

Create the Future

Since its foundation, the Mori Trust Group has been creating new products, value, and business models with a constant eye on the society of the future. For example, the Mori Trust Group launched Japan’s first corporate membership-based resort, led the industry in attracting high-class foreign-owned hotels to Japan, and advocated for the creation of the REIT market, in addition to the development of large-scale complexes deploying advanced technologies and systems.
Society beyond 2030.
The Mori Trust Group aims to create an exciting future in which new technologies, new forms of communities, and the various synergies emerging from those elements, can be enjoyed both in real life and in cyberspace.

Management Philosophy

Companies are to be vessels belonging to the public
Ensure that business is promoted based on a philosophy that is rooted in contributing to society.
Companies are to persist together with society
Ensure that strategies are changed in conjunction with the times.
Companies are to expand business based on strategies and tactics
Ensure that business synergy is aimed for by means of expanding business both in the horizontal and vertical sense.

Vision for the Promotion of Sustainability

From Urban Planning to Future Planning / Create the Future / Aiming for the Coexistence of the Economy, Environment and Society.

The Mori Trust Group has established Mori Trust Group’s Vision for the Promotion of Sustainability based on its corporate slogan and three management philosophies.
Under our corporate slogan “Create the Future,” we are aiming to create an exciting future.
Just as our mission once changed from making buildings to urban planning, we will change together with society by creating a new society.

The Mori Trust Group aims to coexist not only with the environment but also with the economy and society under the slogan of “From Urban Planning to Future Planning.”
We will go about contributing to the realization of a new society by undergoing significant changes as we see society become more diverse. This is something that we will do through digital transformation and various innovations.

Sustainability Promotion Framework

The Mori Trust Group has established a Sustainability Promotion Committee as a governance framework for sustainability.
This committee discusses important ESG challenges and promotion policies surrounding our Group based on requests provided by Group companies. It issues reports on the content to the Board of Directors so that the Board can provide direction to the committee in relation thereto.

Diagram: Sustainability Promotion Framework