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The Mori Trust Group aims to coexist not only with the environment but also with the economy and society under the slogan of “From Developing Communities to Developing the Future.”

Sustainability Activities

We are aiming for the coexistence of the economy, environment and society under the slogan “From Developing Communities to Developing the Future.” In doing that, we will go about achieving the SDGs and realizing a sustainable society in accordance with seven themes constituting areas of importance for the Mori Trust Group. In addition to efforts we are already making in terms of promoting community development and regional revitalization, strengthening compliance and governance as a company, and realizing a diverse society, we have also incorporated into our efforts the elements that are important for the development of industries and techniques, such as those having to do with technology, as well as those which are important for the creation of a new era in the post-pandemic world.

We believe that contributing to the realization of lifestyles of abundance through the creation of new value and next-generation services will lead to the creation of an exciting future.