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Mid to Long Term Vision

Medium-Term Management Plan


Advance2027, the mid to long term corporate vision released in 2016,
sets out the path towards consistent ongoing growth
over the next decade and beyond,
In 2023 after the COVID-19 pandemic,
we developed the new medium to long term vision “Advance2030”
to pursue the value creation anticipating the social needs further. 

1. Management Philosophy & Basic Policy

 Since its establishment, the Mori Trust Group has developed through 3 stages. The first stage marks the company’s founding. The second stage was characterized by our aim to strengthen our financial base through the selection and concentration of our asset portfolio. The third stage, was the development of three businesses of real estate, hotels and resorts, and investment. This has lead us to where we are today. Based on our management philosophy of engaging in businesses that are reliable, sustainable, beneficial to others, and socially responsible, we have managed to achieve steady growth by undertaking corporate management in a manner which has us striking a balance between growth, profitability, and stability.
 In June 2016, we activated the fourth stage of the Mori Trust Group with our new president.
 During Stage 4, we will continue on with the founding family’s spirit as it has been passed down from our founder, Taikichiro Mori, to our current chairman, Akira Mori. That spirit is comprised of the following elements: Improving productivity through ingenuity along with trial and error, the overall ability to combine advanced knowledge and rational calculations, and the ability to calmly make judgments about situations, take action and maintain a calm disposition. Doing that, we will go about contributing to society as a company that is trusted by society by responding to changing societal needs and creating new urban value based on the following three perspectives.

Our Three Perspectives

Out of the box

Without being bound by existing frameworks, we will move forward with flexible ways of thinking which allow us to promptly respond to the times.


We will aim to create new business models by connecting technologies and systems based on unique perspectives, even in business fields that we have not yet set foot in as developers.


Looking toward the future of Tokyo and Japan at least ten years down the road, we will contribute to urban development based on global perspectives.

2. Action Plans

(1) Real Estate Business

Basic Philosophy

Selection and concentration Intensive investment in areas where we can be highly competitive
Optimal combinations Optimally combine functions to maximize the characteristics of land
Strengthening international city functions Contribute to the kind of urban development which serves to contribute to the strengthening of Japan’s international competitiveness



(Completion of Phase 1 scheduled for 2024 / Completion of Phase 2 scheduled for 2025)

Integrated redevelopment plan for three buildings in the Shinagawa and Mita areas
Integrated redevelopment plan for three buildings in the Shinagawa and Mita areas

(2) Hotels & Resorts Business

Basic Philosophy

Communicating the brand of Japan Leverage abundant tourism resources to communicate the charm of Japan to the rest of the world
Global standards Providing services based on international standards and global lifestyles to the Japanese market
Innovation Creating new value by integrating Japanese culture with services that are based on international standards
Aiming for Japan to become an advanced country in terms of tourism Contributing through business to the establishment of Japan’s status as an advanced country when it comes to tourism



(Opened in 2023)


(Scheduled to open in 2024)


(3) Investment Business

Basic Philosophy

In order to build an optimal business and asset portfolio in a manner having us promptly responding to the times, we will ensure that our investments focus on stability, sustainability, and growth potential through the deployment of variety of investment methods for all businesses serving to bring value to greater society.


  • Innovation investment to invest in start up companies and venture capital.
  • Investment in overseas real estate and businesses
  • Participation in infrastructure projects
Development and investment for mega solar projects utilizing idle land
Development and investment for mega solar projects utilizing idle land
Acquisition of overseas real estate (601 Massachusetts Avenue)
Acquisition of overseas real estate (601 Massachusetts Avenue)

3. Targets Value

(Amounts are shown in units of JPY 100MM and are rounded down to the nearest hundred million yen)

Fiscal year Results for FY 2016
(First year of Advance2027)
Results for FY 2023
(First year of Advance 2030)
Goal for FY 2030
Operating revenue 1,402 2,629 3,300
627 918 1,000
Hotel-related business 298 664 1,000
Real estate sales
364 864 1,000
Other businesses 112 181 300
Operating income 303 538 700