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Targets for Initiatives Related to Sustainability

The Mori Trust Group has set goals for its sustainability initiatives. Going forward, we will work to deepen our efforts not only with respect to the environment, but also those aimed at achieving coexistence with the economy and society, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Equipping of offices with BCP functions to handle disaster situations for approximately one week after the initial occurrence 242,000 m² by 2025
Development of spaces for people unable to return to their homes (due to disaster situations) 4,500 m² by 2025
Contributing to the local economy by attracting hotels to the relevant areas New project: 16 projects
Energy consumption per base unit 1% reduction per year
CO2 emissions Reduction rate exceeding the obligatory reduction rate (27% for the third term) stipulated in the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance
Percentage of renewable energy used in business activities 100% of rental office buildings by 2025
(*Excluding limited-time operation buildings and small-scale rental buildings)
Investments in renewable energy projects such as those having to do with solar power generation Investment scope: 35 billion yen
Reduction of water intake Reduction over previous year
Reduction of waste Reduction over previous year
Rate of employees taking childcare leave 100%
Rate of employees taking paid vacation 75%
Reflection of robot-friendly standards within building design and promotion of the introduction of robots 22 facilities by 2027
Investment in startups and funds aiming to create new workstyles/lifestyles and solve societal issues Investment scope: 20 billion yen
Implementation of human resource development training and events Every year
Rate of attendance for training concerning DX 100% by 2023
Medical examination/complete medical checkup rate 100%
Ratio of women in managerial positions 10% by 2030
Rate of employment of persons with disabilities 2.3% or more

*All figures are those of Mori Trust Co., Ltd.