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Message from the president


Upholding the core philosophy of our founders

The Mori Trust Group is an independently owned property development group with over 60 years of experience in major mixed-use projects in the Tokyo metropolitan area as well as hotel and resort developments in key tourism regions.
The Mori Trust Group has its origins in the Mori Group, the Tokyo real estate developer founded by my grandfather, economist and entrepreneur Taikichiro Mori. The Mori Trust Group was set up by Taikichiro’s third son, my father Akira Mori, who also pioneered corporate membership style leisure resorts in Japan.
Today, at the Mori Trust Group we see it as our mission to create new forms of value tailored to changing demands and expectations, thereby helping to promote healthy and ordered progress in society, in line with our core obligation of urban development.
To this end, the Mori Trust Group management is committed to the pursuit of stable ongoing growth as the foundation for consistent and reliable service delivery.

Miwako Date

Advance 2027

Advance 2027 is the mid-term vision statement formulated in June 2016 as one of my first tasks upon assuming the role of president. Advance 2027 sets out a vision for the Mori Trust Group that extends over a decade into the future, well beyond the Tokyo Olympics. It is based on the key notion of upholding the core philosophy of our founders and is designed to address the three main business domains of the Group.
In 2016, the first year of the Advance 2027 vision, we pursued a number of exciting new developments, including the commencement of the Tokyo World Gate project, further expansion of hotel operations in Japan and several significant investments overseas.
2017 will usher in a number of hard and soft programs in line with the “market in” concept, including a major mixed-use project in Tokyo’s Akasaka district. We will also be actively investing in new markets and opportunities predicated on ongoing expansion of the business domain.

Japan loved by the world   World-class Tokyo Metropolis

The Mori Trust Group is dedicated to shaping Japan as a country that is the envy of the world, home to truly international cities that function as hubs for human interaction, trade, finance, and information sharing. To this end, we concentrate on projects that help to promote globalization, as well as rural and regional revitalization in Japan.
We will continue to push on steadily with our work in anticipation of dramatic changes taking place in the social environment. In addition, we hope to contribute to the achievement of “Society5.0,” a plan to transform Japanese society which balances economic development with the resolution of social issues. We will achieve this by creating diverse opportunities without being held back by fixed concepts, focusing instead on visions for the future such as sustainability, open innovation, smart technology, and wellness.
The Mori Trust Group uses flexible concepts and approaches adapted to changes in the times, looking beyond 2030 to create a new and exciting future for all.

Miwako Date
President and Chief Executive Officer

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