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Tokyo World Gate

The Toranomon district in Tokyo's Minato Ward is an area characterized by international flavor which has been seeing itself develop as a new symbol of the international city of Tokyo.
The plan for this building has been accredited as “Architecture Remodeling Project for National Strategic Urban Planning” and “National Strategic Private Sector Urban Renaissance Project” in the National Strategic Special Zones. With this accreditation, we are committed to urban development for further accelerating the development of the Toranomon area through the introduction of urban functions geared toward enhancing the international competitiveness of Tokyo. By taking on the role of a gateway joining the world with both Tokyo and with Japan, we will be contributing to establishing Tokyo’s brand and eventually Japan's brand together with regional revitalization.
Tokyo World Gate

Tokyo World Gate Official Site

Tokyo World Gate
This logo is a symbol which uses the first letters of the words “WORLD” and “GATE” to depict the figure of an opening gate that connects Japan to the rest of the world. The main color, noble violet, is a traditional Japanese color having origins in a color referred to as Edo purple, which has been seen as a noble color since ancient times. We have selected the color as a symbol used to introduce Japan to the world.

Development Concept

“Globalize JAPAN, Localize the WORLD
Streamlined business and exchange hubs supporting innovation
・ A business space expressing the work style of Tokyo, a city where the world’s cutting-edge is born
Cutting-edge office functionality, open panoramic views, and shared workspaces that will inspire one’s senses
・ Lush green amenities which create a place for refreshment and rest during work breaks
An urban oasis providing both rest and enrichment along with shops and restaurants engendering time well-spent
Tokyo World Gate
Tokyo World Gate
Formulation of visit functionality attracting global players and innovators
・ Luxurious visit functionality which satisfies the senses of global players
A luxury-class hotel, serviced apartment hotel and a first-rate condominium residence
・ Living support functionality providing more comfortable general assistance during one’s stay
Multilingual one-stop medical, multi-lingual daily living concierge, and events supporting community adjustment and regional touring
Tokyo World Gate
Tokyo World Gate
Creation of a hub that introduces Japan’s brand to the world
・ A portal for Japan’s brand which conveys the aggregated charm of the whole country to the world
Functionality which facilitates the discovery of Japanese charm and nurtures it, supports the fostering of exchanges, and introduces Japan and its charm to the world
Tokyo World Gate
Tokyo World Gate
Outline Of Plan
Location Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Site area 16,210.00 ㎡ (4,903.5 tsubo)
Total floor area 198,774.23 ㎡ (60,129.2 tsubo)
Number of floors 38floors.above ground
3floors.below ground
Primary use Office, Hotel, Residence, Shop, Industrial development facilities, Shrines, etc.
Building completed March 16, 2020


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