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Gotenyama Trust Court
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Gotenyama in Shinagawa-ku This historic district was named for the goten (estate) that once stood here, which was used for falconry by the shogun Ieyasu. Home during the Meiji Period to the mansions of the former zaibatsu families, today Gotenyama is an exclusive residential district on a par with Ikedayama and Shimazuyama.
Gotenyama Garden has inherited all the style and grace of this historic, culturally rich neighborhood, with the addition of practical amenities to meet the needs of the modern world.
The complex features state-of-the-art office buildings housing some of Japan’s leading companies, a hotel featuring first-class restaurants and the most modern facilities available, and Japanese gardens that recreate the charm and celebrated beauty of the former Gotenyama.
Welcome to Gotenyama Trust Court (Garden Residence), luxury housing in GOTENYAMA TRUST CITY that combine sophisticated urban lifestyles with an aura of wa, that indefinable essence of the Japanese way.


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