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Residential Leasing Business

Shiroyama Trust Court
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Kamiyacho in Minato Ward is situated close to the green spaces of the Imperial Palace, and is also close to the Diet Building, the Prime Minister's official residence, and the government office district.
Home to numerous embassies and leading global companies, over the years this cosmopolitan neighborhood has developed a significant expatriate community.
Located near a variety of cultural amenities as well as some of Japan's premier hotels, Kamiyacho also offers easy access to fashionable Tokyo shopping districts, including Hiroo, Aoyama, Ginza, and Roppongi.

  • Swedish Embassy
  • Reinanzaka Church
  • Hotel Okura
  • Supermarket
  • Green Path Way
  • The row of Cherry Trees
  • Circle Place
  • Suntory Hall
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Zojozi Temple
  • Shiba-koen Park
  • Kokyo(Imperial Palace)
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