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Tokyo World Gate Akasaka

The Akasaka district in Minato Ward is an area expected to develop into one of the foremost international business and commerce districts in Tokyo. In the midst of this intensifying large-scale re-development, this richly unique neighborhood is peppered with sites where the Edo-era culture can still be felt even today, including the Akasaka Hikawa Shrine and a former feudal lord's residence. To ensure that this project contributes to Japan's development as a top tourist destination, we will provide support to strengthen the area's global competitiveness in the tourism industry by repairing and displaying Edo-style floats, establishing Japan-brand facilities to meet the needs of visitors interested in Japanese history and culture, inviting top-class hotels to host overseas guests, and pursuing other such measures.
Tokyo World Gate Akasaka


What The Logo Represents

This logo follows the design of Tokyo World Gate Brand symbol representing “an opening gate that connects Japan to the rest of the world” and Akane color (madder red) is selected for the letters referring to “Akanezaka” which is said to be the origin of area name “Akasaka”. It reflects our hope to develop the area as a hub to accelerate growth in global business, while inheriting the local history of Akasaka.

Concept of “Tokyo World Gate Akasaka”

“Next Destination ~Meet up again in the city~”
Experience of COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the change of the city.
To the city where we can contribute to society and achieve physical and mental well-being by being there.
(Image for illustrative purpose)
(Image for illustrative purpose)

To the city where we can be exposed to diverse culture, experience the future, and be deeply attached to.
In the post COVID-19 world, we come back to and are reunited in the city, where we rediscover “encounters, relationships and the value of the city”.

Features of Plan

Bolster support for tourism and cultural appeal to increase global competitiveness
  • Utilize the resources in and around the area to establish facilities that serve as historical and cultural hubs to meet the ever-growing needs of overseas visitors
  • Construct facilities to accommodate overseas visitors and provide tourist information and transportation methods
Facilitate ease of travel for pedestrians, expand green spaces, and prevent disasters
  • Construct multi-level pedestrian pathways and an extensive underground wire system to bolster the pedestrian network
  • Utilize the terrain to create large green spaces (approx. 5,000 m²)
  • Reduce burden on environment and strengthen disaster response capability
Historical and cultural hubs
Historical and cultural hubs
displaying Edo-style floats
displaying Edo-style floats
Outline Of Plan
Name of City Block Tokyo World Gate Akasaka
Name of Building Akasaka Trust Tower
Location Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Site area approx. 15,750 m²
Total floor area approx. 220,000 m² (Including existing buildings)
Number of floors 43 floors. Above ground
3 floors. Below ground
Structure Steel construction, including steel-framed reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete​
Primary use Office, Hotel, Serviced Apartments, Shop, Clinic, History and culture transmission facility, etc.
Construction starts January 15, 2021
Building completion August 2024 (the first phase), October 2025 (the second phase)
Opening August 2024 (scheduled)
Project Owner Mori Trust Co., Ltd, NTT Urban Development Corporation

Tokyo World Gate Akasaka

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