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Case of Investment

Capital and Business Alliance with Eslead Corporation

Eslead sells condominiums under the Eslead brand, chiefly in the Kinki region and the Tokai region, and and has a long track record of providing a stable supply of condominiums.

Focusing mainly on the development and sale of condominiums, the Eslead Group, which comprises the parent company and nine subsidiaries, supports comfortable condominium living by offering condominium management, rental, renovation, and agency services.
In addition, Eslead is preparing to enter the real estate securitization business for meeting the demands of the financial markets. Eslead aims to become a comprehensive real estate company.

As part of our investment business, Mori Trust concluded a capital and business alliance with Eslead in February 2012. In March 2013 we further expanded the alliance through a tender offer and made Eslead into a consolidated subsidiary. As a member of the Mori Trust Group, Eslead will continue to cooperate in the planning, development, and sale of condominiums in Japan.

Eslead Nagahori Tower

Eslead Nagahori

Eslead Nishinomiya Koyoen

Eslead Nishinomiya Koyoen
Eslead: Business Overview
Sale of family-oriented condominiums
Sale of urban condominiums
Eslead: Proven Record of Condominium Supply
Eslead has developed 560 buildings in the Kinki region and the Tokai region as of March 2021, establishing a solid position as an industry-leading condominium developer.
560 Eslead Series Buildings in the Kinki Region and the Tokai Region
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