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Sustainability Activities

Compliance and Governance Continuous Improvement of Compliance and Governance

  • 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Continuous Improvement of Governance That Contributes to Economic Revitalization

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Consolidation of governance functions Mori Trust Holdings has consolidated part of the Group’s financial management functions and human resources/general affairs functions to implement efficient, fair, and effective Group management.
Creation of opportunities for in-house education and the permeation of legal compliance We review regulations, guidelines, and education for legal compliance and conduct in-house seminars concerning information management, practical improvements, and so on.

Strengthening Risk Management Which Contributes to Sustainable Corporate Activities

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Internal audit framework to identify and share the current status and issues concerning management frameworks We ascertain and evaluate the status of management of important risk items presenting a significant impact on our business activities from a company-wide perspective. We continuously providing feedback after having provided reports to management on elements such as improvement measures, follow-ups, and the reduction of improvement measures within each business.
Establishment of emergency response systems for the occurrence of crises We have been undertaking the establishment of frameworks to deal with cases in which risks have become apparent and where they potentially pose a serious impact on business continuity, as well as the management of business continuity in relation to such risks. These are things we have been doing in conjunction with working to foster an awareness, even in the absence of a crisis (during ordinary times), which serves to facilitate the appropriate disclosure of critical matters.

Sustainability Activities