Office Outline

  • Site Plan
  • Overall Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Specification

At the luxurious entrance hall, additional escalators are provided between the first and second floors for retail outlets.

The parking lobby on the B1 floor serves as a dedicated entrance for VIPs and guests and is clad in granite to create a suitably austere feel.


The building entrance is just to the right of the Nihombashi exit of Tokyo station.
The entrance is situated on a straight line from the station exit, making it very easy to find.

Site Plan

The building is situated on the corner lot formed by Eitai dori Avenue and the public plaza at the Nihombashi Station exit. The external appearance is designed to have broad appeal. There are two entrances: one from the plaza, and one from Eitai dori Avenue.

From Eitai Dori Ave.




Overall Plan

19 floors,total amount of office space for lease = approx. 430,190sq.ft 
Two banks of elevators (high-rise and low-rise)


Floor Plan



Efficient forms with no waste

Integrated office space not carved up by corridors and elevator halls.

The floor space has been designed to be easy to use from a tenant's perspective.

ELV hall on the standard floor

Office interior on the standard floor



  • Floor height: 4,300mm 3,4,5F (trading-room-compliant floor) 4,700mm
  • 600square grid type ceiling system(with louvers)
  • Low-e glass lets in light but blocks heat
  • Ceiling height: 2,800mm 3,4,5F (trading-room-compliant-floor),19F 3,000mm
  • Raised floor: 100mm 3,4,5F (trading-room-compliant-floor): 300mm
  • Floor load 500kg/m2 (Heavy duty zone. 1,000kg/m2)
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Facilities that foster a comfortable work emvironment.

Electric Service

OA Power supply capacity: 70VA/m2
Spaces for tenant EPS (2 per floor) are prepared for expansion. (Optional)
Emergency power backup systems are provided. (Optional)

Air Conditioning

Interior zone: 
Temperature control zoning: 37 zones available per floor, approx. 50m2 per zone
Cooling/heating control zoning: 5 zones available per floor

Perimeter zone: 50 air-controlled heat pumps available per floor

Spaces for additional outdoor unit and spaces for cooling tower are provided. (Optional)


Elevators are controlled by non-contact IC cards after-hours (night-time and non-corporate days), which prevents visitors and persons from other floors entering to elevator halls.

Earthquake-damping design plus CFT columns

The building shell features earthquake- damping mechanisms and highly rigid CFT columns designed to prevent damage to the building itself and to the interior inrfastructual equipment.

It also minimizes secondary damage from falling equipment and fittings, even in the event of an earthquake of the magnitude of the Great Kanto Earthquake or the recent Kobe earthquake.